Something Stinks: TIF District Manipulation

This article is the second in a series titled “Something Stinks,” focusing on Terre Haute’s ongoing struggles with corruption. The first article in that series focused on the highly suspicious events revolving around Terre Haute’s wastewater treatment facility. If you read that article when it was first published you might want to check it out … Continue reading Something Stinks: TIF District Manipulation

The Pope’s New Beard

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Pope Francis confirmed today that God has removed the final obstacle to Catholic-Orthodox reunion. “I woke up this morning,” he explained to reporters, “looked in the mirror and, lo and behold, there I was looking back at myself with a full beard. It had grown overnight! It’s a miracle and sign, I say, a miracle and sign! God has made me Orthodox! Let us make Eucharist together!”

The Ecumenical Patriarch, however, was a bit more cautious. “It’s a fine beard, to be sure,” declared Bartholomew I, “but is it truly an Orthodox beard? I’m not sure. It lacks the phronema of the Fathers. I have no choice, therefore, but to convene a pan-Orthodox synod, which I shall formally name ‘The Holiest and Greatest Council Yet!’ The Russians won’t be able to stay away this time. After all, they think of themselves as the world’s experts in beards.” He then whispered…

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Shores of Tripoli: The Attempted Cover-up of a National Disgrace

It's true what they say, hiding something in plain sight is an extremely effective method of concealment. We rarely question things that seem to be on display for all to see. Throughout history, this has worked wonders for inconvenient truths and national embarrassments. During Marine Corps basic training I was taught stories about heroic marines … Continue reading Shores of Tripoli: The Attempted Cover-up of a National Disgrace