Below is a short description of my background in theology, politics, and art, and an even shorter list of the resources that have influenced me in each of those areas. These lists of resources are partially chronological and partially impactful, although I may not agree with the premise of the work it had a major influence on me at some point in my life.


I grew up Baptist, then served as a minister in a small Baptist church and then in an Independent Christian church. Along the way I became close friends with a man who was Eastern Orthodox and became friends with Lutherans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, and many more!

Books – Why Revival Tarries: Leonard Ravenhill, Augsburg and Constantinople: George Mastrantonis, On the Incarnation: Saint Athanasius, The Present Perfect: Greg Boyd: Brutal Unity: Ephraim Radner, Christ in Eastern Christian Thought: John Meyendorff, That All Shall Be Saved: David Bentley Hart

Lectures/Sermons – Born to Reproduce: Dawson Trotman, The Passion of Jesus as the Key to Reading Scripture: John Behr, The Story of Simeon Bachos: Brian Zahnd, The Making of the Bible: Tim Mackie


I was raised in a conservative home but we didn’t talk much about politics. My dad was a small business owner and I assumed both my parents were Republicans even though I don’t remember them claiming that as their political affiliation. I served in the United States Marine Corps but questioned my deployment to Iraq. I still consider myself “conservative” but in a radically different way than I used to.

Books War is a Racket: Smedley Butler, American Spartan: Ann Scott Tyson, Titan: Ron Chernow, On Anarchism: Noam Chomsky, How to Hide an Empire: Daniel Immerwahr, The Age of Acquiescence: Steve Fraser, The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein

Videos/Movies – The Big Short: Adam McKay (2015), The Tillman Story: Amin Bar-Lev (2010), Snowden: Oliver Stone (2014), Vice: Adam McKay (2018), Spotlight: Tom McCarthy (2015), The Report: Scott Burns (2015).